How to Register - SCC MOC Exam

    New Process as of 2017
    The ABS no longer requires a separate application process for this exam. As long as you are meeting MOC requirements and have a certificate that will expire in 3 years or less, you may register for the exam. However, there are still materials to be submitted as part of the registration process — see below for details. The new registration process will be posted by end of April.
  • The online registration process for the Surgical Critical Care MOC (Recertification) Exam is posted each year by late April. Diplomates are eligible to register starting 3 years before their certificate's expiration; this includes the final year of certificate validity. Diplomates must be meeting the requirements of the ABS MOC Program and have a current full and unrestricted medical license to register. Please note the online forms must be used—handwritten or other versions will not be accepted.

Special Situations

  • Clinically Inactive: Diplomates who no longer see patients may register per the Clinically Inactive Policy. Diplomates who no longer operate but still see patients may submit alternative material (see FAQs).
  • Exam accommodations: Accommodations for documented learning disabilities must be requested by the initial application deadline (view policy). Individuals who will need accommodations due to medical-related conditions (injury, breast feeding, etc.) should notify the ABS when applying.

Items Required

  • This new process is still in development and may be modified before it launches in spring 2017.
  • Once the online registration process is available, diplomates must submit the following items. Diplomates will also be expected to update their personal and practice information as needed.
1) Report of Critical Care Experience - submitted via the ABS website

Complete and submit online the ABS report of critical care experience. You must provide information regarding 25 consecutive patients cared for just prior to the time of application who meet 2 or more categories, regardless of length of ICU stay. Patients who die and meet these criteria should be included; there is no limit on number of deaths reported.

For each patient, you will enter age and number of days in ICU, then select the applicable categories and procedures:

  • Categories: Advanced Mechanical Ventilation; Shock Management; Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy; Dysrhythmia Management; Neurologic Management; Hepatic Failure Management; Noninvasive Cardiac Output Monitoring; Extracorporeal Therapies
  • Procedures: Intubation; Bronchoscopy; Tracheostomy; Central Venous Catheter; Arterial Line; Pulmonary Artery Catheter; Tube Thoracostomy; Thoracentesis/Paracentesis; Fasciotomy; Escharotomy; Ultrasound

2) Two Reference Forms - to be completed by chair of surgery and chair of credentials
  • The forms will be available as part of the registration process. They must be completed by the chair of surgery and chair of credentials at the hospital where you perform most of your work. Only one set of reference forms is required. The ABS reference forms must be used; we cannot accept letters in their place.
  • If you hold one of these positions or if these positions are held by the same person, have another physician of comparable rank fill out the second form. The two forms cannot be filled out by the same individual.
3) Registration Fee - paid by credit card via the ABS website
  • Submit your credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) where indicated. Note that this is now a combined fee, encompassing our prior application and examination fees. See next section for additional details.

Registration Deadlines

  • All materials above must be submitted for your registration to be approved.
2017 Registration Deadlines & Fees
  • By July 5 - $1600
  • By July 17 - $1700
  • By Aug. 15 - $1800

Historically the ABS charged both an application fee and examination fee for its MOC (recertification) exams. As of this year, these have been combined into one fee.

Diplomates who were already in the MOC exam process prior to 2017 (i.e., had an approved application) will be charged a $1200 registration fee.

As noted above, this new process is still in development and further information will be posted as it becomes available. Questions may be sent via email to the exam coordinator.

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