About 5-Year Reporting

  • ABS MOC runs in 5-year cycles (Jan. 1-Dec. 31), following initial enrollment. At the end of each cycle, diplomates must complete and submit a brief online form, the MOC Status Form, about how they are meeting MOC requirements.
  • Make sure we can reach you! We will contact you when your 5-year reporting is due – update contact information. Note that 5-year reporting is a separate process from registering for an MOC exam.

Completing the MOC Status Form

  • Near the end of a 5-year cycle (Dec. 31), you will be contacted and asked to submit the MOC Status Form by March 1. The form will be available on the MOC Status & Form page. (Or for a direct link, go to moc.absurgery.org.)
  • Once on this page, follow these 3 steps:
  1. Enter Your CME

    Go to 2) MOC CME Repository. Click "Edit Form," then use the "Add CME" button to enter your CME. The number of CME and self-assessment credits due will be noted at the top of the repository. If you have not yet completed enough CME, you may do so prior to March 1.

    The links and authorization codes to transfer your CME from the American College of Surgeons* or SAGES are also posted in this section, below the "Edit Form" link.

    The ABS will waive some CME and self-assessment for certification or recertification by the ABS or another ABMS board, or for completion of accredited fellowship training during a 5-year cycle. See our MOC Part 2 page for more details.

    * The ACS transfer link will take you to the My CME section of the ACS website. Log in with your ACS credentials, then click "Send to ABS" and then "Agree." Enter your ABS authorization number, then select the date range. Once the CME appears, click "Yes." The transfer will occur within 1-2 minutes.
  2. Complete the MOC Status Form

    Once your CME has been entered or transferred, proceed to 3) MOC Status Form. Click "Edit Form" to enter the rest of your information. You will be asked to:

    - Provide information about your current medical license.

    - Indicate whether you completed a fellowship in the last three years, and if so, provide information about your training.

    - List where you hold or held any type of privileges during the 5-year cycle (or explain your lack of privileges, e.g., you are clinically inactive).

    - Provide contact information for the chair of surgery and chair of credentials at the institution where you performed most of your work. If necessary, another physician of comparable rank may be listed.

    - Indicate or describe the outcomes registry or quality assessment activity in which you are participating. No data is collected. See our MOC Part 4 page for more details.

    - At the conclusion of the form, attest to the accuracy of the information provided and acknowledge the ABS may contact you or the institutions involved to verify this information.

  3. Submit the MOC Status Form

    Once the form is completed, click "Save and Exit" to return to the MOC Status & Form page. You must then click "Submit and Lock Form" to submit your form to the ABS. You will be sent an email confirming that your form has been submitted.

    Once you submit the MOC Status Form, no further action is required unless you are contacted by the ABS.

MOC Form Audit

  • The ABS audits a percentage of the forms submitted each year to verify the information entered. If you are selected for audit, you will be contacted and asked to submit documentation of the information in your form (e.g., CME certificates, etc.). Once your documentation is received and approved, you will be in compliance with MOC.

MOC Compliance and Re-entry

  • Diplomates who do not submit the MOC Status Form when required, fail to respond to an audit of their form, or otherwise do not meet MOC requirements are considered not in compliance with MOC and will be reported as "Not Meeting MOC Requirements." They also cannot certify or recertify in any ABS specialty until MOC re-entry requirements are met. See Re-entry to MOC for details.

Refer also to our MOC Program FAQs page. For specific inquiries, please contact the MOC coordinator.