How to Register - Hand Surgery Recertification Exam

  • The online registration process for the Hand Surgery Recertification Exam is posted each year in the spring. Diplomates are eligible to register starting 3 years before their certificate's expiration; this includes the final year of certificate validity. Diplomates must be meeting the requirements of the ABS Continuous Certification Program and have a current full and unrestricted medical license to register. Please note the online forms must be used—handwritten or other versions will not be accepted.

Special Situations

  • Exam accommodations: Please notify the ABS office at the time of application if you will need testing accommodations at the center due to learning disabilities by formerly submitting your request per our Examination of Persons with Disabilities policy.

    In addition, if you have a medical condition such as injury or diabetes, etc., or if you are a nursing mother, please inform the ABS at the time of application if you will need accommodations, such as additional break time during the exam. The ABS will work with Prometric to make appropriate arrangements. Please note that since Prometric has a limited number of centers that can offer such accommodations, we recommend submitting your completed application as early as possible. This will better help the ABS to work with Prometric to make appropriate arrangements.

Items Required

  • When the registration process is available, you first will be asked to review and update your personal and practice information. You must hold a current full and unrestricted medical license. If your license will expire before the exam, you will need to provide updated information when available.
  • You must then submit the following items:
1) Registration Fee - paid by credit card via the ABS website
  • Submit your credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) where indicated. See below or our Dates & Fees page for more details.
2) Two Reference Forms - to be completed by chair of surgery and chair of credentials
  • Enter information in this area for the two physicians who will complete your reference forms. In most cases, one should be completed by the chair of surgery and the other by the chair of credentials at the hospital or surgical center where you perform most of your work. If necessary, another physician of comparable rank may complete the form. Once you complete this area and save the information, a link to the reference forms will automatically be sent via email to these individuals through the ABS website. The two individuals you have designated will complete and submit the reference forms online. The ABS reference forms must be used; we cannot accept letters in their place.
  • You will be notified by email when each form is submitted to the ABS. The form's status will also appear above the links in this section. If necessary, you may update the contact information you previously entered and resend the email; this will deactivate the previous email sent.
3) Attestation Form - submitted via the ABS website
  • This is a brief legal form that is the final step in the registration process. The form will not be available until you have completed the steps above. If your reference forms are still pending (i.e., have not yet been submitted to ABS), this form will also be marked "Pending" when submitted.

Registration Deadlines and Fees

Note: Diplomates who were already in the exam process prior to this year (i.e., have an approved application) will be charged a $1450 registration fee.

  • To meet a registration deadline, the items above must be received by the deadline date. No hardcopy paper submissions are required.

Registration Approval

  • You will be notified by email when your registration has been approved; you can also check the status on your exam registration page.
  • Once approved, an exam admission authorization letter will be posted on your exam registration page within 24-48 hours. The letter will contain instructions on reserving a place at a computer-testing center. You must have this letter to reserve a testing center spot.
  • If there are any problems with your registration, you will be notified by email by ABS staff. Please keep your contact information current - update personal information.

Please also refer to our FAQs area. Questions may be sent via email to the exam coordinator.