Presentations, guides, videos and related tools for programs and trainees to aid in the implementation of EPAs

Entrustable Professional Activities - Resources for Programs and Trainees

Key Faculty Development Materials

Presentations and Related Materials

ABS EPA Grand Rounds Presentation

Programs may request to have an ABS EPA Project Speakers Bureau representative present a Grand Rounds on EPAs at their local program, either virtually or in-person. To request a speaker, please complete this form.

ABS EPA Grand Rounds Presentation Slides

Note: These slides are provided for programs to follow along with the Grand Rounds presentation video above. They have been carefully curated to be delivered in a specific way, so we recommend utilizing them in conjunction with the presentation video and not on their own. Alternatively, programs can request to have an ABS EPA Project Speakers Bureau representative present a Grand Rounds on EPAs at their institution using the link above.

General Surgery EPAs

Learn more about the General Surgery EPAs and read all 18 EPAs here.

Entrustable Professional Activities - Program FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about EPAs and the ABS EPA Project. We will continue to update and add to this document as we approach the launch of EPAs and beyond, so check back periodically to make sure that you have the most up-to-date version.

Frequently Asked Questions about EPAs

ABS EPA Program Timeline

The ABS has created a projected timeline for program engagement with the ABS EPA Project, which includes meetings and webinars, suggestions for activities that programs should consider, and an expected timeframe for the distribution of additional resources for implementation.

Projected Timeline for Program Engagement with ABS EPA Project

Implementation Checklists

The ABS has created separate checklists for programs and for residents to aid in the implementation of EPAs.

Program EPA Implementation Checklist

Resident EPA Implementation Checklist

ABS EPA Mobile Application

Smartphone Application Walkthrough

Learn how to create and complete an EPA assessment in this short video.

ABS EPA App Admin User Upload Instructions

Learn how to bulk upload faculty and trainees profiles into the admin website for EPAs.


Quick facts about the ABS EPA Project

The collection of groups working behind the scenes to develop and launch EPAs

The 18 general surgery EPAs and their relation to a patient's anatomy

How EPAs can be used to support struggling residents

How residents can use EPAs to take charge of their surgical training

A step-by-step guide on how to use the ABS EPA App to complete an EPA assessment

Learn More About EPAs

Essential Videos About EPAs

Our "Train the Trainer" video series highlights EPA experts explaining all the ins and outs of EPAs and how they will be implemented.

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