FAQs about the mobile platform for the ABS EPA Project

FAQs - ABS EPA Project Mobile Platform

  • EPAs will be managed and administered through a mobile application. Following a thorough review process, the ABS announced in September that it has selected the SIMPL Collaborative to provide the mobile platform for the ABS EPA Project.
The SIMPL Collaborative will be providing the app and the support for programs as they enroll and use the app to capture EPA assessments.
The ABS is developing a suite of tools to support programs during implementation. These will include offerings of grand rounds, journal clubs, webinars, town halls, and 'on the go' videos to educate and support programs. Real time technical support will also be provided by the SIMPL Collaborative.
No. To assist in implementation, the ABS is underwriting all costs of the app for all general surgery programs nationwide.
No. Programs may continue to subscribe to the SIMPL operative assessment platform.
No. Programs may subscribe to the SIMPL OR platform directly with the SIMPL Collaborative through a direct subscription agreement, which is separate from and not included with the EPA platform package that the ABS will be providing. The ABS project will utilize a customized, 'next generation' version of the SIMPL Collaborative's assessment platform, which will be tailored specifically for the EPA assessment model.
No. The SIMPL Collaborative will develop a single app interface which, once opened, will allow you to separately access SIMPL OR and the ABS EPA assessment platform.
While we anticipate this will be very rare, if this occurs, the ABS will make available the EPAs for your program and institution to implement through other mechanisms as you choose.
The ABS will require all general surgery programs to begin using this assessment model with the class of residents entering training in July 2023. Development materials and support will be available by spring of 2023 to support and prepare programs for implementation. Beta testing of the mobile app interface will be done in the late winter/spring leading into 2023.
Data collected through the ABS EPA mobile app will be securely housed by the SIMPL Collaborative and owned at the individual program level. The ABS will ask only for overall utilization reports from the SIMPL Collaborative so that we can support programs in successful implementation. A composite report of an individual resident's progress on all EPAs will be requested from the resident as part of their Qualifying Exam application during their chief residency year.
Dashboards specific to these groups will be developed to allow residents, faculty, and programs to gauge their utilization and progress as a formative tool.