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Update to Program Directors - FLS/FES and Leave

Mar. 13, 2020 Media Contact: Alyson Maloney , 215-568-4000

With the current situation of COVID-19 and the temporary closure of many FLS and FES testing centers, ABS is aware that there have been exam cancellations affecting residents who will be applying to the 2020 General Surgery Qualifying Exam.

To accommodate these individuals, ABS will permit those who have been affected by the cancellation of FLS and FES exams to apply for and take the QE without these certifications by the posted deadlines.

However, if successful on the QE, candidates will be required to provide documentation of both FLS and FES certification in order to register for the CE.

QE packets for the graduating chiefs will be emailed to the program director and administrator by the end of next week.

Additionally, as a reminder, the ABS family leave policies allow for an additional 2 weeks of non-clinical time beyond the 4 weeks/year of non-clinical time. The existing family leave policy may be applied to quarantine or illness due to COVID-19. This will not require special permission or approval from the ABS as it complies with the standard leave policies.

Upon written notification by the program director, ABS will consider on a case-by-case basis those situations in which a resident or fellow missed training for an extended period due to severe coronavirus-related illness or quarantine. Extending the chief year or the 6-Year option may be applied in some of these cases. Please see the General Surgery Leave Policy for details, and visit the ABS website for information on our specialty leave policies.

Please contact the ABS office at 215-568-4000 with any questions or concerns.