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Pediatric Surgery Board Seeks At-Large Member

Feb. 23, 2018

The Pediatric Surgery Board of the American Board of Surgery (PSB-ABS) is seeking nominations to fill a new at-large member position. This position will have a term of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2024. The position will be filled from nominees submitted directly to the PSB-ABS through open nomination of individuals (including self-nomination). To be considered, individuals must:

  • Be certified by the American Board of Surgery in pediatric surgery for at least five years, as well as currently certified in general surgery, and meeting the requirements of the ABS Maintenance of Certification Program.
  • Be established in active pediatric surgery practice and highly regarded by their peers.
  • Be prepared to write, edit, and review multiple-choice and oral examination questions during and between meetings.
  • Attend an item-writer training session either online or in person.
  • Be able to attend two PSB-ABS meetings and one Pediatric Surgery Certifying Examination per year (approximately nine days total).
  • Receive supporting letters from at least three pediatric surgeons certified by the PSB-ABS.

In addition, nominees must be able to complete their term of service before the age of 65, as per ABS bylaws.

Applications for this position will be accepted from now until Monday, March 19, 2018. Self-nominated applicants should submit their curriculum vitae along with a letter of interest containing the information requested below. All nominations/applications and related inquiries should be sent to psbcomms@absurgery.org.

Information to be included in the letter of interest:

  1. Describe your current surgical practice situation, i.e., type of practice, geographic location, solo/partnership/group, etc.
  2. Provide a chronologic listing of your experience in providing surgical education.
  3. List all experiences you have had in activities of the Pediatric Surgery Board and/or American Board of Surgery, e.g., question writing or participation in oral examinations as an associate examiner.
  4. Describe your experience with any other question writing or testing organizations, such as the SESAP Committee of the American College of Surgeons, the American Pediatric Surgical Association, the National Board of Medical Examiners, or the Educational Testing Service.
  5. Describe any active involvement you have had (other than attending yearly meetings) with regional or national professional surgical organizations as an officer, committee member, or other role.
  6. Describe any involvement with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Review Committee for Surgery, or American Association of Medical Colleges.
  7. Provide the names and addresses of three surgeon peers who are familiar with your work and could provide knowledgeable appraisals of your professional accomplishments (we may contact these individuals and ask for letters of recommendation).
  8. In one paragraph, describe how your background and expertise can contribute to the activities and mission of the PSB-ABS.
  9. The work of an at-large member of the PSB-ABS requires approximately nine days per year away from home to attend the two PSB-ABS meetings and one Pediatric Surgery Certifying Examination, in addition to conference calls and work off-site. Please acknowledge your willingness to meet this time commitment.