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January 15 Reporting Deadline Extended

Jan. 14, 2021 Media Contact: Alyson Maloney , 215-568-4000

In light of the rising number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 nationwide, and particularly the significant impact on many of our diplomates, we have extended the January 15 reporting deadline for ABS Continuous Certification. Diplomates who were due to submit information regarding their ongoing certification requirements this week will now have until fall of 2021 to update that information, exact date to be announced.

Diplomates who are not directly affected by COVID at this time are encouraged to update their portal information as soon as they are able. Once all reporting requirements have been fulfilled, diplomates will be able to take their next due Continuous Certification Assessment when the assessment window opens.

All diplomates affected by this deadline extension will receive updates later this year about the new deadline. Diplomates may log in to check on and complete their ongoing certification requirements at any point.

Diplomates Using the Grace Year in 2021

Diplomates who were due for an assessment in 2020 and either did not pass it or complete it will receive the grace year this year as previously communicated. Once all outstanding reporting requirements have been fulfilled, those diplomates will be able to register for and complete their 2021 Continuous Certification Assessment when it opens in the fall.

Time-Limited Diplomates with 10-Year Certificates

Diplomates who hold one or more certificates that are valid for ten years and received an alert that they were due to report on their ongoing certification requirements will also receive the extension of the January 15 date. At this time, these diplomates will continue to be listed in the ABS certification verification system as “Certified, Meeting CC requirements.” As long as any outstanding requirements are submitted by fall 2021, their certification status will be maintained.

These time-limited diplomates will be able to register for and complete their first Continuous Certification Assessment during the fall assessment window, as long as all ongoing certification requirements are up to date. As a reminder, diplomates who hold a 10-year certificate do not need to complete their first Continuous Certification Assessment until the year in which their current certificate expires.