Officers, Directors & Executive Staff

  • The directors of the American Board of Surgery are elected for a single six-year term from ABS nominating organizations or through an at-large open nomination process. All directors are surgeons in active practice, currently certified by the ABS and participating in the ABS MOC Program. They receive no remuneration for their service. .
  • For a list of past chairs and vice chairs, refer to the ABS Booklet of Information.

2017-2018 Officers

  • Mary E. Klingensmith, M.D. - Chair (bio)
    Spence M. Taylor, M.D. - Vice Chair
    Jo Buyske, M.D. - Secretary-Treasurer

2017-2018 Directors

  • Fizan Abdullah, M.D. - Chicago, Ill. (AAS)
    Marwan S. Abouljoud, M.D. - Detroit, Mich. (ASTS)
    Reid B. Adams, M.D. - Charlottesville, Va. (SESC)
    Roxie M. Albrecht, M.D. - Oklahoma City, Okla. (SWSC)
    Mark S. Allen, M.D. - Rochester, Minn. (ABTS)
    Marjorie J. Arca, M.D. - Milwaukee, Wis. (APSA)
    Kenneth S. Azarow, M.D. - Portland, Ore. (APSTPD)
    Russell S. Berman, M.D. - New York, N.Y. (SSO)
    Karen J. Brasel, M.D. - Portland, Ore. (ASA)
    Jo Buyske, M.D. - Philadelphia, Pa. (ex officio)
    William C. Chapman, M.D. - St. Louis, Mo. (ASA)
    Dai H. Chung, M.D. - Nashville, Tenn. (SUS)
    Martin A. Croce, M.D. - Memphis, Tenn. (AAST)
    Dev M. Desai, M.D. - Dallas, Texas (SUS)
    Robert D. Fanelli, M.D. - Sayre, Pa. (at large)
    David R. Farley, M.D. - Rochester, Minn. (WSA)
    Vivian Gahtan, M.D. - Syracuse, N.Y. (SVS)
    Mary T. Hawn, M.D. - Stanford, Calif. (ASA)
    O. Joe Hines, M.D. - Los Angeles, Calif. (SSAT)
    Tyler G. Hughes, M.D. - McPherson, Kan. (at large)
    Kenji Inaba, M.D. - Los Angeles, Calif. (PCSA)
    K. Craig Kent, M.D. - Columbus, Ohio (ASA)
    Mary E. Klingensmith, M.D. - St. Louis, Mo. (ACS)
    Frank R. Lewis Jr., M.D. - Philadelphia, Pa. (ex officio)
    Mark A. Malangoni, M.D. - Philadelphia, Pa. (ex officio)
    M. Ashraf Mansour, M.B.B.S. - Grand Rapids, Mich. (APDVS)
    Christopher R. McHenry, M.D. - Cleveland, Ohio (CSA)
    John D. Mellinger, M.D. - Springfield, Ill. (APDS)
    M. Timothy Nelson, M.D. - Albuquerque, N.M. (ACS)
    David T. Netscher, M.B.B.S. - Houston, Texas (ABPS)
    Bruce A. Perler, M.D. - Baltimore, Md. (ex officio)
    Nancy D. Perrier, M.D. - Houston, Texas (ACS)
    Anne G. Rizzo, M.D. - Falls Church, Va. (at large)
    George A. Sarosi, M.D. - Gainesville, Fla. (AMA)
    Margo C. Shoup, M.D. - Warrenville, Ill. (ACS)
    David A. Spain, M.D. - Stanford, Calif. (SCCPDS)
    Lee L. Swanstrom, M.D. - Portland, Ore. (SAGES)
    Spence M. Taylor, M.D. - Greenville, S.C. (SSA)
    Mark L. Welton, M.D. - Minneapolis, Minn. (ABCRS)
    James F. Whiting, M.D. - Portland, Maine (NESS)

Executive Staff

  • Jo Buyske, M.D. - Executive Director (bio)
    Mark A. Malangoni, M.D. - Associate Executive Director (bio)
    Bruce A. Perler, M.D. - Associate Executive Director for Vascular Surgery (bio)
    Gabriel L. I. Bevilacqua, Esq. - General Counsel
    Jessica A. Schreader - Chief Operating Officer
    Andrew Jones, Ph.D. - Director of Psychometrics
    James F. Fiore - Director of Information Technology
    Christine D. Shiffer - Director of Communications and Public Affairs
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ABS Directors 2017-2018

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