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EPA Project Mobile Platform

EPAs can be managed by programs through the ABS EPA App, which has been composed by and deployed under ABS sponsorship to all ACGME-accredited general surgery training programs. The same application will be available to vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, surgical critical care, and complex general surgical oncology training programs when they introduce their own EPAs.

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EPA Mobile Application

The ABS has selected the Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning (SIMPL Collaborative) to develop a mobile platform for trainee assessment as part of the ABS EPA Project.

The ABS project utilizes a customized, ‘next generation’ version of the SIMPL Collaborative’s assessment platform, which has been tailored specifically for the EPA assessment model. The mobile-based platform allows for time-efficient, feedback-oriented assessment of resident performance in the course of daily clinical workflow and has been composed by and deployed under ABS sponsorship to all ACGME-accredited ABS-related surgical training programs.

The Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning

Experts in the field of surgical trainee assessment

The SIMPL Collaborative is providing the full spectrum of technology support for the ABS EPA Project, including the mobile platform, secure data storage, and reporting structures that enable programs to implement the EPA assessment model.

The organization brings many strengths to this project, including:

  • an identity as an educational quality improvement consortium;
  • a history of providing residency programs with mobile operative skill assessment products;
  • experience with implementation and support strategies with such products in a variety of institutional settings; and
  • a long track record of developing scientific infrastructure for improvement in surgical education.

The SIMPL Collaborative’s non-profit commitment, philosophic alignment, and ongoing collaborations with other key partners in medical education make it an ideal developer of the ABS EPA App.

Learn how to complete an EPA in the App

Start and finish an EPA in minutes

Watch the video or view this step-by-step guide to see how easy it is to complete an EPA in the ABS EPA App. 

The app lists out the full description for each EPA to aid faculty in determining which entrustment level their trainee is at currently. Faculty are also prompted to leave a comment on the trainee’s performance.

EPA Mobile Platform FAQs

About the technology

Frequently asked questions about the mobile application for the ABS EPA Project.

The SIMPL Collaborative has developed the ABS EPA App and manages the technology support for programs as they enroll and use the app to capture EPA assessments.

The ABS has developed a suite of tools to support programs during implementation. These resources include grand rounds, webinars, town halls, and ‘on the go’ videos to educate and support programs, infographics, user guides, implementation checklists, and additional related materials. Real-time technical support will also be provided by the SIMPL Collaborative.

No. To assist in implementation, the ABS is underwriting all costs of the app for all ABS-related surgical training programs nationwide.

No. Programs may continue to subscribe to the SIMPL operative assessment platform via a separate contract with the SIMPL Collaborative. The ABS EPA App covers a limited set of core operations along with nonoperative elements of care focused on the essential elements of each specialty area. The SIMPL OR app covers the full range of operations reflected in the ACGME operative case log, and does not include nonoperative care elements.

No. Programs may subscribe to the SIMPL OR platform directly with the SIMPL Collaborative through a subscription agreement, which is separate from and not included with the EPA platform package that the ABS is providing. The ABS project utilizes a customized and updated 2.0 version of the SIMPL Collaborative’s assessment platform, which has been tailored specifically for the EPA assessment model.

Initially yes. The ABS EPA app will run off the updated SIMPL 2 platform, while SIMPL OR will continue to run off the prior version SIMPL Lite platform. At a later point in time, the SIMPL Collaborative plans to move its other products including SIMPL OR over to the updated 2.0 platform.

While we anticipate this will be very rare, if this occurs, the ABS has made available the EPAs for programs and institutions to implement through other mechanisms as they choose.

The ABS required that all general surgery programs started using this assessment model with the class of residents that began training in July 2023. A wide range of development materials to assist programs in implementation are available in the EPA section of the ABS website. The goal for the first year of implementation is progressive engagement, recognizing that some programs will need added time to navigate their data use agreement with the SIMPL Collaborative, amongst other milestones of progress.

Implementation for the other ABS specialties is anticipated to occur as follows:

  • 2024: Vascular surgery
  • 2025: Pediatric surgery, surgical critical care, and complex general surgical oncology

Data collected through the ABS EPA App is securely housed by the SIMPL Collaborative and owned at the individual program level. The ABS asks only for overall utilization reports from the SIMPL Collaborative so that we can support programs in successful implementation. All candidates who apply to take the ABS General Surgery Qualifying Exam (GSQE) in 2028 and thereafter will be required to turn in a composite profile of their performance on all EPAs as part of their GSQE application.

Engagement dashboards are available to help programs gauge and optimize utilization. More detailed user group-specific analytic dashboards have been released to allow residents, faculty, CCC’s, and programs to employ the data gathered in collated formative and CCC-based summative assessment.

Past and Upcoming EPA Webinars
To assist with EPA implementation, we have held town halls and webinars with key members of our EPA team. View recordings and see what events are coming up here.