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ABS EPA Program Champions

The success of the ABS EPA Project’s implementation depends on the engagement of program directors, administrators, faculty, and trainees. Volunteer to serve as a local leader and liaison between your program and the ABS!

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ABS EPA Program Champions

Volunteer to be a local leader

As the ABS moves forward with our EPA initiative, one thing has been abundantly apparent – the feedback that we receive from participants is invaluable. Without this feedback, we have no way to know what is or is not working, where information is unclear, or what can be improved. Local champions who serve as promoters and exemplars for the project are critical to its success. That’s where you come in!

We are looking for resident, program director and faculty volunteers from each surgical training program to join our group of over 700 EPA Program Champions! An EPA Champion serves as a local leader and liaison between your program and the ABS. You would be our direct line of contact with your program, and we would rely on you to provide feedback on how the implementation of EPAs is going.

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Why should I volunteer?

First and foremost, your feedback will help to shape the future of surgical education. The valuable information that you and your program are able to provide will enhance the EPA program and trainee experience for years to come.

Second, this is a great role to add to your CV! Add any ABS volunteer positions that you are associated with to the “National Recognition” area of your CV.

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