DABS - Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery

  • To assist diplomates in promoting their ABS certification, we recently trademarked the term DABS™ for use after their name. Current diplomates are welcome to add this term to business cards, websites and other materials. As this is a new term, you may wish to also include explanatory text, like so:
    • Jane E. Smith, M.D., DABS (Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery)
    • OR
    • Jane E. Smith, M.D., DABS
      Diplomate, The American Board of Surgery
  • We are working on additional ways to help diplomates promote their ABS certification, including new brochures coming this summer. Please note that use of the ABS logo by diplomates is not permitted. For more information on displaying certification status, please see Representation of Certification Status.
  • Posted: May 2018