Re-entry to Continuous Certification

Policy regarding re-entry to Continuous Certification for diplomates who are not in compliance with certification requirements.

Diplomates who are not yet enrolled in Continuous Certification are required to report on how they are meeting ongoing certification requirements at regular intervals.

Diplomates who are currently certified but who do not report when required, or who upon audit, cannot document their activities, are reported as “Not Meeting CC Requirements.” These individuals are ineligible to enroll in the Continuous Certification Program until they are meeting all requirements.

To change this status, they must submit information through the ABS website regarding their professional status and educational activities as described below.

Re-entry Process

Re-entry to Continuous Certification may require submission of one or more of the following items through your ABS portal (go to My Continuous Certification):

  • Medical License: Valid, full and unrestricted (U.S. or Canada). Diplomates must immediately inform the ABS of any conditions or restrictions in force on any active medical license they hold.
  • Hospital/Surgical Center Privileges: If clinically active. If you are clinically inactive or do not otherwise hold privileges, you will be asked to provide an explanation when updating your diplomate profile.
  • CME: Information regarding the completion of 150 Category 1 CME credits related to your practice from the past five years (calendar years or more recent 60-month period), of which at least 50 must include self-assessment (test or quiz that requires at least 75% correct).
    You will indicate which ones include self-assessment when entering them into your CME Repository. Please see our CME page for more details and resources.
  • References: References forms completed online by the chair of surgery and chair of credentials committee at the institution where you perform most of your work. If necessary, another physician(s) of comparable rank may complete the form.
  • Practice Improvement: Verification of your participation in one or more practice improvement activities, if clinically active.

Once these items have been submitted, you will be considered to be meeting the requirements of the ABS Continuous Certification Program. Please be aware that while this is an entirely online process, the information you submit is subject to audit by the ABS.

For specific inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the Continuous Certification coordinator.

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