Lapsed Certificates

Diplomates with lapsed certificates are eligible to take an MOC (recertification) exam as long as the certificate is not currently revoked. There is no time limit once a certificate has lapsed.

Diplomates whose certificate has lapsed must meet all current requirements for the MOC examination. If they were previously enrolled in the ABS MOC Program (i.e., passed an ABS certifying or recertification exam after July 2005) and were not meeting MOC requirements, they must fulfill re-entry requirements.

Upon successful completion of the MOC examination, they will be automatically enrolled (or re-enrolled) in the ABS MOC Program. Once enrolled, they will be subject to an audit of their MOC Status Form once they complete their first MOC reporting cycle.

While diplomates are strongly encouraged to maintain certification in both general surgery and their additional specialty, this is not required. However if a diplomate's certificate in general surgery expires, he or she will no longer be considered certified in general surgery, even if he or she maintains the validity of another ABS certificate. Diplomates with multiple ABS certificates should note that, once enrolled, MOC applies to all certificates a diplomate holds.

Updated: February 2017

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