Re-entry to MOC

  • Upon completion of a MOC cycle (Jan. 1-Dec. 31), diplomates are required to submit an online form, the MOC Status Form, about their MOC activities. This form must be submitted by March 1 (two months after end of cycle). The ABS then audits a percentage of these forms.
  • Individuals who do not submit the form by March 1, or who, upon audit, cannot document compliance will be reported as "Not Meeting MOC Requirements." They are also ineligible to certify or recertify in any ABS specialty. To change this status, they must submit information regarding their professional status and activities as described below.

Re-entry Process

  • Re-entry to the ABS MOC Program requires submission of the MOC Status Form with information for any missed cycles and payment of a re-entry fee. To submit your MOC information and fee, please go to the MOC Status & Form page.
  • Once on that page, follow these 4 steps:
  1. Enter Your CME

    Go to 2) MOC CME Repository. Click "Edit Form" to add your missing CME activities to the repository. You need only enter enough CME to meet the amount required, which will be indicated.

    The links and authorization codes to transfer your CME from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) or SAGES to the repository will also be posted in this area, below the "Edit Form" link.

  2. Complete the MOC Status Form

    Once your CME has been added or transferred, proceed to 3) MOC Status Form. Click "Edit Form" to enter the rest of your information. You will be asked to:

    - Provide the state and registration number of your valid, full and unrestricted medical license for the state where you primarily practice.

    - Indicate whether you completed a fellowship during any missed cycle(s), and if so, provide information about your training.

    - List where you hold or held any type of privileges during the cycle(s) (or explain your lack of privileges, e.g., you are clinically inactive).

    - Provide contact information for the chair of surgery and chair of credentials at the institution where you performed most of your work. If necessary, another physician of comparable rank may be listed.

    - Indicate or describe the outcomes registry or quality assessment activity in which you are participating. No data is collected. See our MOC Part 4 page for more details.

    - At the conclusion of the form, you will be asked to attest to the accuracy of the information you have submitted and acknowledge that the ABS may contact you or the institutions involved to verify this information. Then click "Save and Exit" to exit the form.

  3. Re-entry Fee

    Then go to 4) Re-entry Fee. Payment of a re-entry fee by credit card will be required prior to submitting the MOC Status Form. The re-entry fees are $300 for one 3-year or 5-year cycle missed; $600 for two 3-year or 5-year cycles missed; and $900 for three or more 3-year cycles missed. Note: The ABS switched from 3-year MOC cycles to 5-year cycles as of July 2017 — see announcement.

  4. Submit the MOC Status Form

    Once you have paid the re-entry fee, you must click "Submit and Lock Form" by the MOC Status Form to submit your form to the ABS. You will be sent an email confirming that your form has been submitted.

Once your form and fee have been submitted, you will be considered as meeting the requirements of the ABS MOC Program. However, the information you entered on the MOC Status Form is subject to audit—you should retain documentation of CME, etc., as needed. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact our MOC coordinator.

Updated: July 2017

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