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Vascular Surgery


Successful completion of both the Vascular Surgery Qualifying and Certifying Exams is required for board certification in vascular surgery.


Two exams are required for initial certification in vascular surgery

Successful completion of the Vascular Surgery Qualifying and Certifying Exams is required for board certification in vascular surgery. The Vascular Surgery Qualifying Exam (VSQE) is a six-hour, multiple-choice examination held once per year on a single day at computer-testing centers across the U.S. The Vascular Surgery Certifying Exam (VSCE) is an oral exam consisting of three consecutive 30-minute sessions, and is held once per year.

The Vascular Surgery In-Training Exam (VSITE) is a multiple-choice examination taken by surgeons while in residency and is NOT required as part of the board certification process.

When Can I Take My Exams?

Seven-year limit to certification

Upon completion of vascular surgery training, a surgeon will have no more than seven academic years following graduation to achieve certification in vascular surgery, i.e., pass both the Qualifying Exam (QE) and Certifying Exam (CE).

The seven-year period starts immediately upon completion of training. Only one exam opportunity will be offered in each year of the seven-year period. Candidates must apply immediately after training to receive the full number of exam opportunities. 

9/3 - 9/17
Vascular Surgery Qualifying Examination
Location: Pearson VUE testing centers
Fee: $1,575
Application Deadline: 7/15/2024
Fee: $550
5/13 - 5/15
Vascular Surgery Certifying Examination
Location: Virtual
Fee: $1,700

Registration available following the release of 2023 VSQE results.

Exam 1: Qualifying Exam

The first step in the vascular surgery initial certification process

The Vascular Surgery Qualifying Examination (VSQE) is offered annually as the first of two exams required for board certification in vascular surgery. The exam consists of about 250 multiple-choice questions designed to assess a surgeon’s cognitive knowledge of core surgery and vascular surgery.

Exam 2: Certifying Exam

Available after successful completion of the Vascular Surgery QE

The Vascular Surgery Certifying Examination (VSCE) is the last step toward board certification in vascular surgery. It is an oral exam consisting of three consecutive 30-minute sessions, each conducted by a team of two examiners.

Its purpose is to evaluate a candidate’s clinical skills in organizing the diagnostic evaluation and management of common problems in vascular surgery. Emphasis is placed on candidates’ ability to use their knowledge and training to safely, effectively and promptly manage a broad range of clinical problems.

Exam Accommodations

In certain situations, accommodations are available for candidates

The accommodation policies below apply only to ABS examinations for initial certification. Accommodations for in-training exams are at the discretion of the program and do not require ABS approval.

Accommodations for Candidates Serving in Active Military Duty
Individuals who are either on active duty in the U.S. military outside the United States or receive active duty orders that preclude them from completing a previously scheduled ABS exam will be excused from such examinations without penalty and with full refund of any examination fees paid.


Offered annually to programs

The Vascular Surgery In-Training Examination (VSITE) is offered annually to vascular surgery training programs as a formative evaluation instrument to assess trainees’ progress.

Next Steps
Individuals who meet ABS requirements may apply for the Vascular Surgery QE through the online application process, which is posted each year in early spring.