International Rotations Policy

Policy outlining the requirements for residency or fellowship rotations completed outside the U.S. or Canada for general, vascular, and pediatric surgery, and complex general surgical oncology.

The ABS will accept in certain circumstances rotations completed outside of the U.S. or Canada toward its general surgery, independent and integrated vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, and complex general surgical oncology training requirements. If a program director wishes to credit training abroad toward ABS requirements, they must fully justify the reasons for it and receive approval in advance from both the ABS and the ACGME.

No such rotations will be permitted in the first year (PGY-1) of general surgery and vascular surgery residency training. For the ABS to consider international rotations in the PGY-5 chief year, the program must include documentation of ACGME approval of chief rotations in the PGY-4 year. The ABS is unable to consider these requests without this documentation.

To request approval:

  • These experiences must be approved in advance by both the ABS and the applicable Review Committee of the ACGME;
  • A letter should be sent on official letterhead by email or fax to both the ABS and the specialty-specific ACGME Review Committee (NOTE: If sending via email, all materials must be sent in a single PDF attachment). The letter must be signed by both the program director and the designated institutional official (DIO), and must contain the information outlined in the ACGME International Rotation Application Process for the applicable specialty; and
  • The program will receive separate approval letters from the ABS and the ACGME; both must be received prior to implementation of the international rotation.

Required Rotation Length: The ABS requires rotations to be at least two weeks in duration for a rotation to be considered for credit.

ACGME International Rotation Applications Per Specialty


Posted: Mar. 13, 2024

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