Vascular Surgery In-Training Examination (VSITE)

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About the Exam
  • The Vascular Surgery In-Training Examination (VSITE) is offered annually to ACGME-accredited vascular surgery training programs to measure the progress attained by residents in their knowledge of vascular surgery.
  • The exam is furnished to programs as an evaluation instrument to assess residents' progress. Results are released only to program directors. It is not available to individual residents and is not required as part of the board certification process.
  • The VSITE is copyrighted and its contents may not be reproduced or disclosed in any manner, as described in the ABS Ethics and Professionalism Policy.
  • Next Exam: Mar. 6-7, 2015

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Examination Content
  • The 2014 VSITE will contain two sections: One will focus on core surgery and the other will focus on vascular surgery, similar to the traditional VSITE.
  • Vascular Surgery Section
    The vascular surgery section will contain approximately 250 questions; examinees will have five hours to complete this section. The content of the vascular surgery section will be aligned with the vascular surgery content outline (pdf).
  • Core Surgery Section
    The core surgery section will contain approximately 90 questions; two hours will be allotted for this section. The content of the core surgery section will be aligned with the SCORE® Core Curriculum Outline for Vascular Surgery Residents (pdf), a list of patient care and medical knowledge topics representing the core surgical knowledge expected of individuals who complete integrated vascular surgery programs. The addition of core surgical content eliminates the need for integrated program residents to take the ABSITE®.
  • The ABS strongly encourages trainees who have not yet taken or passed either the Surgical Principles Examination (SPE) or General Surgery Qualifying Examination (QE) to take the core surgery section as well as the vascular surgery section of the exam. Trainees who have already passed these exams, or who are already certified in general surgery, may skip the core surgery section of the exam. Ultimately the decision of who takes which section of the exam is at the discretion of the program director.

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