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General Surgery

Resident Performance Assessments

At least six operative performance assessments and six clinical performance assessments must be completed by the program director or other faculty member for each resident.


Standardizing surgical knowledge and skills

Applicants to the General Surgery Qualifying Exam (GSQE) are required to obtain during residency at least six operative performance assessments and six clinical performance assessments, conducted by their program director or other faculty members.

When signing an individual’s GSQE application, the program director will be asked to attest that these 12 assessments have been completed. However, the applicant bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring these assessments are performed while in residency. The completed assessment forms will not be collected by the ABS.

All applicants to the 2028 General Surgery Qualifying Exam (GSQE) will be required to turn in a composite profile across all EPAs when they apply for the exam, and the requirement for 12 resident performance assessments will no longer be applicable.

Until that time, if an applicant to the GSQE can testify that they have had at least 12 EPAs completed, then the 12 resident performance assessments are not required as part of their application. In these situations, the program director may attest that the assessments have been completed. Please note that a combination of resident performance assessments and EPA assessments will not be accepted; it must be one or the other.

Assessment Forms

While no specific form is mandated, programs are strongly encouraged to use either these forms or an equally validated form

Programs that use New Innovations residency management software can have electronic versions of the Southern Illinois University (SIU) forms exported directly to their system at no cost. To use this service, contact Melissa Smock, and include your New Innovations institution ID with your request. 

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For questions regarding this requirement, please contact the general surgery exam manager.

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