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 SCORE Patient Care Curriculum Outline Updated for 2009-2010

September 2009 Media Contact: Christine Shiffer, 215-568-4000

The Surgical Council on Resident Education (SCORE) has updated its Patient Care Curriulum Outline for 2009-2010 to reflect feedback received from specialty surgical societies and SCORE member organizations. The revised outline is now available online as a PDF; copies are also being sent to all U.S. general surgery residency programs. The outline will continue to be reviewed each year for relevancy and revised as necessary.

Originally released in April 2008, the Patient Care Curriculum Outline is a list of the patient care topics to be included in a curriculum for a five-year general surgical residency training program. The outline was created through an expert consensus process with input from the Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS), American Board of Surgery, and specialty surgical organizations. It has been approved by SCORE and the ABS as the basis for a full patient care curriculum.

The Patient Care Curriculum Outline consists of 28 organ system-based categories. Each category is further separated into diseases/conditions (broad and focused) and operations/procedures (essential-common, essential-uncommon, and complex). A total of approximately 700 topics (diseases, conditions, operations, and procedures) are listed. This outline encompasses the fundamental body of surgical care which graduating surgery residents should be able to competently deliver to patients after five years of clinical training.

For more information, visit www.surgicalcore.org.

SCORE Patient Care Curriculum Outline (pdf)